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Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 1: The departure

As you know, last week we went to celebrate Social Point Christmas in a very unusual way. We spent two days in a holiday camp near Sitges. Before we got there, we knew that an awesome final prize was awaiting and that an incredible adventure was about to begin. Everyone was anxious and excited to know which prize was at stake.

Before leaving the office, the strongest boys loaded food, luggage and stuff onto the coaches. Stereo? Checked. Sleeping bags? Checked. Food? Checked. Drinks? Checked. We all were impatient and nervous. You could feel it in the air. Some were trying to guess the prizes (place your bets), others were finishing last minute work. We saw people going in and out of the rooms in silence. All was secrecy and excitement.

Finally, Human Resources met us all and explained how they distributed groups, who were the leaders that would wear the special Viking Helmet. Then we got to know the schedule of activities. Once we had collected everything, we got on the coaches. Meanwhile, the secret about grand prize was still intact. Some of us decided to liven up the trip singing songs and playing guitar.

When we reached to our destination, we unloaded everything and met with our respective groups. Suddenly, the whistle blew: it had all started. Who would win?

Find it out on next chapters…

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