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Published: 6 years ago


“If you can master C++, you can master anything. Except parenting, perhaps.” Steve Vinoski from Basho, setting the tone for the Erlang shindig in Berlin last week. Around 130 programming and systems freaks, among them our very own CTO Marc Canaleta and his team, flocked …

Published: 6 years ago


In this 3rd and final part of our series with Victor Sola, Social Point sound and music wizard, we take a dive into the strange and fascinating world of special effects. And whether there are any limits when it comes to making strange noises! Victor also walks us through some of the major technical challenges in SFX and shares the secret question that lurks in the heart of all sound engineers – how do you achieve originality?

Published: 6 years ago


Last week we asked Victor Sola, our sound lead, to walk us through the process of making soundtracks for our games. In this three-part interview, Victor sheds some light on the how to find inspiration – in the most unlikely places – and some of the people working in this space who have most inspired him. He also shares a sneak peak – music composed for a new game we are bringing out later this year!

Published: 6 years ago


Social Point was honored this week with an invitation to The Breakfast Club, a monthly pow-wow on all things cultural hosted by the Catalan government and our local TV channel TV 3. This month’s theme was “Music and Video games” – an exploration of the relationship between gaming and music. We sent our Sound Guy and all-round musical Wunderkind, Victor Sola, to talk about music to soothe beasts with a crack panel of industry experts.

In the meantime, we thought we’d ask Victor to tell us a bit more about what’s involved in creating soundtracks for games.

In this 3-part interview, he tells us about the basics of composition in gaming.

Published: 6 years ago


Dragon City romps home with top honours: Dragon City Mobile best video game, Dragon City best on social networks.

Published: 6 years ago

Social Point participates in a Documentary about Videogames

The immensity of the video game industry and its annual turnover is what has prompted Víctor Frías and Juan M. Pérez to embark on the creation of a documentary called Insert Coin. After filming in different cities in Spain, they are now in Social Point, Barcelona.
The film they are making aims to explain how the video game industry works in Spain, how it has grown in the last years and what the future holds for us. Besides Social Point, other companies from Madrid and Barcelona have already agreed to be part of the documentary and have explained their business experience within this rapidly changing sector, where innovate is a must-do.

Published: 7 years ago

Social Point CEOs experience and knowledge shared at Casual Connect

Social Point CEOs have been invited to Hamburg to participate in the Casual Connect, an Association of Casual Games where professionals from the industry gather together once a year. The conference is a perfect place for networking, getting to know great professionals and learning from each other.
Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou are giving a lecture today about the Cross-platform Experience Challenge from Facebook to mobile platforms. In the presentation, both founders reveal key factors for benefiting from cross-platforms experience, reaching higher user engagement and improving monetization.

Published: 7 years ago

Social Point, 4th position in Facebook Developer Ranking by MAU

We are so proud to see how our hard work is rewarded. We gladly announce that Social Point has achieved another success: we’ve made it to the 4th position in the World Ranking of companies with the highest MAU (Monthly Active Users).
With a whopping over 35 million monthly users, we want to thank all those who have made this possible: users and employees.
However we don’t want to stay with these numbers. We want to put more effort, strength and desire to continue growing and providing new and better games.
So, from here, we want to announce that our next goal is to reach the podium of the top 3 social game companies.
Brace yourselves: Challenge accepted!