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Published: 6 years ago

Calçotada and beyond!

Social Point Calçotada

Last Friday we all went to Gavà, a municipality in Barcelona Province, to have lunch and eat the popular Catalan vegetables called calçots. These are a type of scallion or green onions typically grilled and dipped in Romesco Sauce.

We left the office and three buses were waiting for us at the entry. As we drove to the restaurant people started thinking about the great mouth watering delicacy that was awaiting us. Our stomachs began to growl.

Finally we arrived to the place and we got charmed by the beauty of the spectacular landscape with a Mediterranean sea horizon and the mountains of the Garraf coast.

Everything was ready, tons of tables were set and the air was filled with calçots smell. We gathered around the tables and while we were waiting for food, some people were teaching to amateurs about how to peel a calçot. Thank God, the food started to arrive and we devoured it as if we were beasts.

When we were about to burst, and as the tradition demands, we went inside the restaurant where everyone sat and wait for the pieces of meat and bread slices that had been roasted in the charcoal after cooking the calçots. When we thought that we couldn’t eat anything more, the dessert arrived and we heard some funny toasts.

After having lunch, some Socialpointers started singing and playing guitar outside, enjoying the views and feeling the nature. Others preferred staying inside, a little bit warmer, telling jokes, laughing and food resting.

Back to reality we jumped on coaches back to Barcelona where some stayed at the office’s leisure room enjoying the afternoon and having more fun. Hours went by and dinner time arrived so we decided to continue our lovely day at an Italian Restaurant next to the office.

At the end of the dinner, the night was still young and the bravest ones took the party with them and went dancing all night long.

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