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Published: 6 years ago

Busy Wednesday


Yesterday a lot of things happened related to Social Point.

Starting with our Artist Jordi Villaverde who went to the school Milagros Consarnau (Hospitalet de Llobregat) and taught to 50 children how he usually illustrates books. He talked about one of his books “La Cova” and he drew the main characters and one large dragon. Children had a really great time asking questions and watching how he amazingly draws. When he finished the demo, he signed 50 books for them. It was an experience that they won’t forget for a long time!

At late afternoon we went to watch the play “Noicalupinam” but before we headed to the bus that took us there, we had some relax time at the office. Tables were full of snacks, the lounge room was full of people relaxing after a hard day of work. Others were playing table tennis while some preferred to play table football. Some friends and family joined us during the soirée and they also attended the play.

We finally went out to the Theater “Sat” in Barcelona. Once there we had the chance to see a contemporary dance show full of indictments of the lack of freedoms and the dominance of the capitalist society.

Meanwhile we were at the Theater, the Socialpointer Andrés Díaz, member of the System team, went to give a talk at the Python Meetup Barcelona, an event that takes place in Barcelona regularly and they discuss topics related to the programming language Python. Andrés talked about “Mico: a monkey in the cloud” and the presentation was about Mico, a tool developed by Social Point in order to manage servers in the cloud. This tool allows creating and destroying servers dynamically, and then keeping the centralized settings and relaunching them in case of disaster.

In conclusion, yesterday was a day full of action in Social Point. Stay tuned because there are more events coming up!

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