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Published: 6 years ago

Bringing together practice and knowledge

It is great when business and universities come together to combine knowledge and practice!
Manel Tso, a young socialpointer, gave a presentation in front of academic figures in the university where he was recently graduated.

Professors, who are preparing for the next year classes, were exited to hear from their ex-alumni good practices in the process of creation of social games.Manel revealed helpful practices in game concept design, balancing, team creation etc. and also shared what type of knowledge he gained in the university was actually helpful when he went out in real life to work in the field of social games.

As Manel, shared with us, the presentation was really interesting, vivid and useful for both sides and great collaboration ideas came out as a result of the meeting.
We believe that bringing together business and education is the right path for creating better future and more opportunities for young professionals.

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