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Published: 6 years ago


It’s official. The Social Games World has a new capital city: Barcelona.

We headed to Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs on Monday at the emblematic Moritz Factory to hear from some of the biggest names in Social Gaming, based here in Barcelona.

Akamon, King and our very own Pepe Cantos, Chief Monetization Officer at Social Point, gave their view on what’s up with Barcelona; and why it is that the Catalan capital is becoming a buzz word in our sector. Something that each of the speakers agreed on, is that Barcelona has become a cluster for ideas and talent, joining the ranks of other leading gaming hubs in the Nordics and the US.

Pepe told a capacity audience of budding games entrepreneurs and sector leaders that Barcelona has become the place to be, not only in terms of the quality and quantity of talent,  but also because of what he describes as “ambition offset by humanity” in Barcelona’s entrepeneurial scene.

We caught up with Pepe after his talk, and asked him for a sketch of the Barcelona gaming scene.

Pepe Cantos: Barcelona is where it's at.

“The adventure began with Microjocs, which has led to more and more small companies setting up who are now starting to make it big. Akamon is the latest Barcelona success story. These successes are attracting others. The first to arrive in Barcelona is King, but it won’t be the last and these companies are here to stay.

“Barcelona has become the place to be if you want to start up in social gaming, or set up your own business with access to the talent pool you need.”

You can hear Pepe’s full talk (in Spanish) via Agoranews.

And if you’re interested in joining the Social Point team and living and working in Barcelona, check out our latest job offers.

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