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Published: 6 years ago

Barcelona hosts the Mobile World Congress 2013

For the eighth time in a row, Barcelona has been chosen to host the year’s Mobile World Congress. The congress is rated the world’s largest and currently Barcelona is regarded as the Mobile World Capital.

The event, that started yesterday, takes place at the Fira Gran Via and will last until February 28. Barcelona was chosen again to host the event since it is considered a city full of opportunities. 57 companies based in Catalonia (42% more than last year), participate in the conference this year. The Congress represents a significant increase to the economy of the city (increase of 301 million Euros and many job openings), compared to last year.

The MWC director, John Hoffman, encourages technology companies to seize the opportunities that the city can offer. Hoffman opened the event by saying that Barcelona is a great city to work and live in and shared that the city has all the pieces of the puzzle and one should only put them together. And voilà!

Fortunately, our CRO Jean Laurent and Sergio Gil, User Acquisition Manager of Social Point, have been invited to attend the Congress and have the opportunity to network and connect with potential partners. Moreover our Business Development Manager, Alicia Navarro, will assist the Chartboost Bus (offered through the MWC), which will be around 3 hour Barcelona tour to enhance networking.

We’re glad to be part of an incredible world-class event held in our sunny Barcelona.

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