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Published: 6 years ago


Social Point headed down to Gamelab here in Barcelona last week to network with other top creators and discuss the techie, creative and business trends that will shape the future of digital entertainment over the next year.

One of the key objectives of Gamelab is to create a hub for business acceleration.  It brings together thousands of rookies and veterans of the gaming sector from all over the world, to share expert advice, insights and feedback.

With this in mind, our CEO Horacio Martos took to the stage on Tuesday afternoon, to share some of the secrets of Social Point’s success with budding developers.

Horacio told a packed crowd of passionate gamers that success is not easy.

Between your idea and the awesome, hyper-addictive game you’re dreaming of creating, there’s a lot of hard work, sweat and learning to do.

Horatio at Gamelab: the sky's the limit!

At Social Point we’re big fans of innovation, creativity and… sharing the love.

So we’ve condensed the main section of Horacio’s keynote into a 5 top tips for potential game developers hoping to be the next big thing in the digital entertainment space.

So, if you’re ready, listen up and take note.

(And remember to let us know what YOU think.)

5 Hot Business Tips for Aspiring Games Developers

  1. If you are working on a Fremium game model, you need to build monetization into your plan from the very beginning – don’t leave it as something to think about later. This is a mistake a lot of people make.
  2. Keep 3 key things in focus as you start out:  monetization, player retention and virality. These are your key pilllars and carry equal weight.
  3. Increasingly players are connecting via their mobile devices.  You will need to learn how to monetize these platforms.
  4. For us the preferred platforms for developing games are iOS and Android.  Whilst innovation is great, be very careful when choosing a different platform to develop your game.
  5. If you’re creating a business model you’ll need to think about what matters most to you – quality versus quantity. For us it’s really simple. Quality wins every time.


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