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Published: 7 years ago

Social Point, 4th position in Facebook Developer Ranking by MAU

We are so proud to see how our hard work is rewarded. We gladly announce that Social Point has achieved another success: we’ve made it to the 4th position in the World Ranking of companies with the highest MAU (Monthly Active Users).
With a whopping over 35 million monthly users, we want to thank all those who have made this possible: users and employees.
However we don’t want to stay with these numbers. We want to put more effort, strength and desire to continue growing and providing new and better games.
So, from here, we want to announce that our next goal is to reach the podium of the top 3 social game companies.
Brace yourselves: Challenge accepted!

Published: 7 years ago

Dragon City for iPad and iPhone: coming soon!

We’ve got a great announcement. Dragon City, one of our most successful games is becoming mobile very soon. The same game from your Facebook is ready to jump to your iOS mobile device, you’ll be able to play Dragon City everywhere!
After months of hard work, this iOS App is going to be released on the next days (stay alert!). We want to leave here a little sneak peak for you all to enjoy what’s coming next.
A little step for a dragon but a big step for the game. We hope you enjoy it.

Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 4: The Return

Exhausted and sweaty, we all went to have a shower before the big Christmas meal was served. The corridor was crowded and shouts of victory were heard everywhere.
Before dinner everyone gathered in the house yard; some of us were singing songs while playing guitar and bongos. We also enjoyed talking about the great experience that we had just lived.