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Prepare for glory!!

Dragon Masters and Monster Makers, please join us in celebrating a major landmark for Social Point. It’s official. As of June 2014, there are no fewer than 200 amazing Social Pointers! We caught this historic moment in our Games Lounge on Friday. All 200 of us donned our white Social Point Ts and squeezed together for a photo that speaks a thousand words (and 200 names). And a tight squeeze it was too. We are now a family of 200,  21 nationalities, speaking no fewer than 12 languages (including Gaelic and Japanese!!)

We asked Sandra Parra of our HR team how she feels about reaching the 200 mark.

Sandra, what does it mean to be celebrating 200 Social Pointers?

For the HR team it’s a feeling of real pride. It is not easy to find the kind of top notch talent that drives our business, and at Social Point we are very demanding in terms of recruitment. We work really hard to find the right people for the role and we push potential Social Pointers through a very rigorous recruitment process, putting their skills to the test. Getting here has been a journey full of hard work, so we’re really thrilled to be celebrating 200!

Is there such a thing as a typical Social Pointer? 

Uff. Not really. Our team is pretty diverse and Social Pointers come from all over the world, with lots of different profiles. One of the great things about working in a gaming company is the diversity of the team. From backend to artists to designers to community managers, you get this incredible collision of talent, style and culture. Having said that, I’d say that our team shares a few common characteristics: speed, agility, talent, creativity. And we all love games!

We also caught up with Jordi López, our Head of HR and asked him a few questions.

Jordi, how quickly has the company grown?

Well, it’s a measure of the company’s health that we have grown so quickly. In the last year and a half we have literally doubled in size. It’s also a measure of the hard work being done by the HR team. As Sandra says, the challenge is to find the right people that match the roles, and the team has been incredibly busy sourcing highly talented individuals.

How do you see the company now? In good shape?

Absolutely. We have 200 of the most talented people in the gaming space working together to deliver the most awesome games. In 2014 we’re aiming to launch some really amazing new titles and we’re in good hands. This is a team that works tight, with enthusiasm, creativity and speed. Things change with lightning speed in gaming, and Social Pointers are hugely agile and always up to the challenge.

Here’s a look at the 200! Social Pointers! Prepare for Glory!!!


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