Have fun together creating fun for everyone

We were born a startup and, despite having grown, our mindset remains just as ambitious. We’re bold and we dream big; that’s how we make great things happen.

Our vision

Socialpointers are always keen to help and eager for a challenge. We all come from different origins and professional backgrounds – speaking over 30 languages between us! When we join forces, we’re able to excite and entertain our fans, wherever they are.

That’s our vision; to have fun together, creating fun for everyone. How? When we have fun, we can create it. And by working together, we’ll know how to reach everyone.

Our culture

At Socialpoint, we are passionate gamers. Curious and humble, we enjoy experimenting and learning from everything around us; especially from our users. Their feedback shows us the way to our next big hit. Firstly, we pour our heart and soul into the games we create. Then, we listen to the community and make iterations until we reach the perfect product – one that exceeds their expectations.

Working in the mobile gaming industry, we embrace change and move fast. There’s no other way of being at the top. When it comes to cooperating, we’ve got teamplayer mode switched on! We mostly work in small, cross-functional teams. This way, we’re agile and able to listen to what everyone has to say. Proactivity, accountability and ownership are all key to achieving our goals.

Our values


We couldn’t be luckier. We were born to create great games, and we do it for a living! Loving what we do permeates every project, from the word go.


We think out of the box and do things differently in order to come up with innovative gameplays that amaze the world. Creativity is our weapon. Not even the sky's the limit.


We share our knowledge, opinions, success and mistakes. We believe in open and honest communication, to enforce trust and teamwork.

Socialpoint is a world-renowned social game developer and publisher, specialized in mobile gaming.


unique daily users.


Socialpointers working together to amaze you.


years of history.
And counting.


downloads, or 7% of the world's population.


characters designed.
That's a lot to play with.

The founders

Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou co-founded Socialpoint in 2008. Unknown to them, their small company would later become one of the world’s leading players in social gaming.

Andrés and Horacio were classmates at university – they both hold Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and Masters degrees in Entrepreneurship from the École de Management de Normandie. After finishing their studies, they could have knocked on any big company’s door. Instead, they decided to take a chance on their own project. And that’s how Socialpoint was born.

After many years of success, Horacio and Andrés remain true to their original dream – to create the best social games ever, from Barcelona to the world.

Our story

We have a beautiful story, worth telling. Let us walk you through our biggest milestones.
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Horacio and Andrés co-found the startup of their dreams.


First Spanish release; Publistars. This goes viral, with 60k DAU in just 2 days, winning several prizes such as Best Facebook Game in in both Spain and LATAM.


Productivity increases with new casual games, reaching 8m active users. The Socialpointers headcount rises to 50.


Social Empires and Social Wars are launched worldwide. Social Empires reaches 1m DAU and becomes one of the top 10 played games on Facebook.


Dragon City hatches its egg on Facebook. With more than 1k dragons designed and 200m downloads, nowadays it’s still one of our flagship titles.


Monster Legends amazes Facebook users globally. Dragon City makes a grand entrance into mobile gaming, getting on the 50 top grossing lists.


Monster Legends breaks into the mobile gaming industry and gets on the 100 top grossing lists.


Socialpointers hit the 250 mark.


World Chef and Dragon Land come fresh out of the oven.


After years of non-stop growth and successfully becoming leaders in the mobile gaming industry, Socialpoint becomes part of the T2 family, one of the world’s largest publicly-traded video game companies.


Socialpoint headcount rises to 330+.


Tasty Town and Word Life are played all around the world.

Life in Barcelona

It’s easy to see why Barcelona is fast-becoming Europe’s newest tech hub. Come check out how we have – and create – fun in this sunny city.

News and
social media

Our latest Game Jam has just started! 🕹 For those who are not familiar with the concept, it's an internal event where teams of 3-5 socialpointers are asked to design the concept of a game in a short period of time with a common theme. 🧵⬇️
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This year, our only prompt was the word 'Escape', and the teams are already giving it their all! On Monday, the full company will enjoy the fantastic prototypes and pitches our participants created– we can't wait to see what the teams have in store for us! 💪✨
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Together, we can forge women's equity🫂 At Socialpoint we celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action. We want to share a video we prepared for this #InternationalWomensDay with you all. Let's work together for a better future 💪💜 #EmbraceEquity
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